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We get it!

Job hunting is a full-time job. We live and breathe job hunting every day. Cutting through the noise of job postings, submitting your resume and researching company information can be a daunting task. Despite your efforts, you may feel like you are getting nowhere.


Why not partner with a staffing agency?

About Staffing is Calgary’s most reputable recruitment and employment agency and has been placing candidates in all positions, at all levels and in all industries since 1996.

What sort of positions do you hire for?

Our four divisions (industrial, corporate, management and technical) are constantly hiring for a multitude of positions. These positions are for all levels, in all industries and for a variety of employers. For a look at our current job postings, please click here.


What sort of services do you provide to employers? 

Our services include direct hire, temporary to direct hire and temporary placements. We also assist employers with their payroll needs.


What’s your process?

A recruiter will be notified once you have submitted your resume. They will review your resume against our current job postings. If you meet the employer’s requirements, a recruiter may be in touch to begin the recruitment process.

If you don’t hear from us, do not be alarmed. A recruiter will keep your resume on file for future opportunities. If and when a positional vacancy becomes available and you meet their requirements, a recruiter may reach out to begin the recruitment process.


How much does it cost?

Our services are always free for job seekers.

*Take care to avoid any fraudulent recruitment scams. Candidates are often targeted and asked for personal financial information or payments. Avoid engaging in unsolicited business propositions and communication with whom you are unfamiliar with.


What’s the benefit of working with About Staffing?

About Staffing professionals are dedicated to connecting with you exceptional employers. From resume branding to interview counselling and job acceptance strategies, we have got you covered. Once you are engaged in our process, we will help find the best possible job fit for you, as quickly as we can.

Some other benefits include:

  •       Access to skill and behavioural testing
  •       Certification that help you stand out from the competition
  •       Multiple opportunities for each applicant (dependent on current job postings)
  •       Confidential, ethical and unbiased team of professionals working with you


How do I stay-in-touch?

We recommend you bookmark our job postings page to keep an eye on new postings. Keep in touch with us as well if you find another job opportunity or if anything should change on your resume.


What have you got to lose? Submit your resume today!

Do your services cost anything?

No. Our services are always free for job seekers.

Where do I start?

The first step is to send in your resume. We must review your resume to see if we are currently working on any positions that may be a fit for you. Find out how to do this by clicking on the link Apply.

I’ve sent in my resume. Now what happens?

Your resume is in the hands of our recruiters. If a recruiter thinks you may be a good fit for one of the positions they are working on, you will be called to arrange an interview time in our office. This process typically takes 5 to 10 business days after you have sent in your resume. If you do not hear from us, we most likely do not have an available position that is a fit for you at this time. Feel free to apply again or send in an updated resume in the future.

I have been called by your office to come in for an initial interview. What's next?

We will send you an email confirming your interview time. This email will also contain a link to our online registration form. Please complete this registration form prior to coming in for your interview. If you receive an error message while filling out your online form, please do not try completing the form again. The online form does save each page as you complete it, so despite the error message, it is likely that we received enough of your information and will not need you to complete the form a second time, but this will be determined once you arrive at the office.

What can I expect of this initial job interview?

This is a formal job interview. We want to know why our clients should hire you, and how we can help you achieve your employment goals. Dress professionally and present us with your skills, knowledge, abilities, and other employment related characteristics. The entire interview process in our office typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. You will have a formal interview with one of our recruiters. You may be asked to do some testing on programs related to the type of work you are looking for.

I have done my initial interview at your office. When will I get a call about a job opportunity?

This will be different for each candidate. At About Staffing, we are all about making the right fit to suit your needs and our clients’ needs. When we think we have a fit for you, we will call you and talk to you about the available position. What we ask of you is that you call us to check in every 1-2 weeks so that we can keep your file up-to-date, and to inform us that you are still looking for work. You can also check the job postings on our website and call us if there are any available positions that you would like to be considered for.

Can I apply at other agencies and look for jobs on my own?

Yes. We encourage you to actively seek work on your own. We do ask, however, that you let us know if you have found work by other means so that we can deactivate your file.

How do I get a job in Alberta if I am from out of country?

Information on these regulations can be found on the Government of Alberta website here:

Do I need to bring my SIN to my first interview?

Yes, in order for About Staffing to place you we will need to have all the required information to make sure you get paid for your assignment, including your SIN.

Would you like to apply?

You can send us your resume either by filling out this form or you can apply directly to one of our four divisions. The options are endless at About Staffing.

Temporary Division:

Corporate Division:

Industrial Division:

Management Division:

Please send us your resume in word format.