About Staffing is an Alberta-based recruitment and employment agency specializing in temporary, temporary-to-direct and direct hire placements since 1996. Headquartered out of Calgary, Alberta, we are a full-service staffing agency that can fill positions across all industry sectors anywhere in Canada. We select candidates based on our core values: Enthusiasm, Sincerity, Stability and Loyalty.

The About Staffing success story stems from working with great people and businesses that apply these core values in their workplaces. As Masters at Matching Culture, we get to know our clients and candidates. We not only ask the right questions, but we ask the questions no one else is asking. Work with About Staffing and Look Forward to Monday®.

Recruitment and Employment Solutions Across all Businesses and Industries

We are your one stop shop for Temporary, Direct Hire or Temporary to Direct Hire job placements.

Full service staffing agency that can fulfill your local and national employment needs.

Access to thousands of Grade A Humans that have been screened, interviewed and tested.

Our team of experts are real people with real expertise and knowledge. There is no auto-attendant here.

We are driven to find Grade A Humans that share a similar value set to our core values; Enthusiasm, Sincerity, Stability and Loyalty

Leave the recruiting to us. Our value is in our process, geographic and digital reach and database.

About Staffing was founded in 1996 and has become the local expert in the media. You will find us on regular news segments frequently discussing hot employment topics.

Employment Opportunities for all Job Seekers

Look Forward to Monday® with About Staffing

About Staffing can give you an edge in your job hunt. From junior to senior skill level, entry level to executive level roles, About Staffing may be able to track down your ideal job.

Searching for job postings, researching companies, writing and submitting resumes, and going to interviews can be a full time job – you put in the time but still might feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

You have the skills, we have the employers!

As Masters of Matching Culture, About Staffing screens it clients to better understand their needs and core values. This relationship gives us access to a hidden job market that is not online or in advertisements. This is a great reason to apply to About Staffing today. It is simple and free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employment agency?

An employment agency is a type of business that matches candidates (job seekers) with employers. In Canada, employment agencies are also referred to as Staffing Agencies, Recruitment Agencies and Job Placement Agencies.

Agencies are contracted by employers to find high-quality candidates. Candidates do not pay to register with an agency.

How do employment agencies work?

An employment agency is hired to provide direct-hire, temporary-to-direct and temporary staffing solutions to employers.

Employment agencies are hired by employers.

Candidates do not pay to register with an employment agency, nor should they pay for an employment agency to find them a job. This is the law in Alberta.

What are the advantages of using an recruitment agency?

There are many benefits to using an employment agency for both employers and candidates.

- Access to high-quality candidates

- Highly efficient in the practice of hiring

- Labour market experts who are recruiting 24/7

- Specialized in recruiting for various industries and occupation levels

Why should you use a recruitment agency?

As an employer…

Hiring a staffing agency will help save you time and money. Through cost-effective staffing solutions, employers can gain access to a large pool of high-quality candidates and leverage the specialized knowledge of the agency.

As a candidate…

Registering with a staffing agency is a great way to expand your job search. Positions become available all the time and you will want to ensure you are being considered for all current and future positions.


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