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Jun 2017
About Staffing's Coming of Age

by Sharlene Massie

 About Staffing turns 21 on June 17th!  What a ride.  It occurs to me that turning 21 is kind of a big deal, not quite mature enough to handle all life decisions, but old enough to drink and gamble in Las Vegas!  The last few years especially were a huge gamble, small business, everything riding on the pennies that could make us or break us.  Surviving the last few years may have included a few glasses of cheap wine with friends as well.  What has really hit me this month though, is that A) we made it, once again, and 2) it is hard to re inject the fun back into the business and people after a long hard road.  But, because of A) we can go back to a business with B).  So, very consciously, I have taken on the responsibility of caring about the fun.  No longer is our company filled with busy work, but instead, how can we work 14 hours a day because we care about our clients, our candidates, our internal team, and the sustainability of our company.  The company not only pays our mortgages and our food and wine bills, but it can be a place that is doing good hard work, that allows for learning and mistakes, but also is a noisy, music playing, grabbing lunch, chatting at reception type of workplace.  Injecting fun back into a somber workplace does take a bit of hard work!  Remembering to smile, to ask simple questions like “how was your weekend, evening, birthday”, buying a workmate a latte’, and saying, “hey, thanks for that” can turn things around pretty quickly.  You’ll notice that I never mentioned bonuses, and big parties as they do not come into play when celebrating the small things that make work a positive experience for people.  Instead, turning 21 has made us a tiny bit calmer when sh*!t hits the fan, we celebrate coming of age with a little less gambling on our future, and a little more appreciation for the co-workers, clients, and candidates we are happy to have in our lives.  The last three years our mantra was day by day.  Get up, go to work, do your best, tomorrow, do that again.  But now, we get up early, go to work early because we are busy, full up, excited to see everyone, smile when we arrive, ask how everyone is, work hard, grab lunches for each other, help each other, leave late, sleep well, and know that everyone we touched that day is happy.  And tomorrow, get up and do that all over again.  21 is a celebration of workplace understanding and acknowledgement.