Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

Direct Hire

How do fees work for Direct Hire?
Our fees are contingency-based. We will only invoice you or your affiliates once you decide to hire one of our exceptional candidates. There is no fee involved when reviewing resumes or interviewing our direct hire candidates.
How does About Staffing have so many candidates?
About Staffing is highly regarded with a strong reputation in the Alberta area, so we get the best resumes first and job seekers often come to us by referral. About Staffing markets itself prominently through many public mediums, which also draws in a large number of qualified candidates. Therefore, we are the agency of choice and top of mind for many job seekers.


How do fees work for Temporary Placements?
Hourly rates include cost of payroll, candidate wages, vacation & statutory holiday pay, Employment Insurance, CPP, Worker's Compensation, advertising, and other administrative costs that may be incurred. Rates are based on the candidate’s hourly pay in accordance with the position and experience needed, as well as the above costs. Generally, a rate range will be provided to our clients, depending on job duties required and different experience levels of the candidates available.

Order Information

Why do I have to sign an Order Confirmation every time I place an order?
We want to make sure our expectations and your expectations match! We need to ensure that you agree to the fees and terms set out in the order before we place one of our candidates at your business. The job posting information is also on the order and we need to ensure that About Staffing and your company are on the same track.

"I haven't dealt with other agencies because I like dealing with About Staffing. We have an established relationship and they are knowledgeable about what I need. They do a good job in testing for skills in the candidates and matching those skills to what we need."

-Leslie, Drywall Company